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A GPT environment that can contribute to increase performance and ensure security in your enterprise

With more than 100 multilingual prompts, dxGAI helps enterprises integrate
internal data with AI to provide accurate responses the first time




The company cannot manage accounts
and authorize settings

ChatGPT account is signed up as an individual account so that companies cannot manage and authorize settings rights to employees

Despite introducing IT tools such as ChatGPT previously, there has been minimal advancement in their utilization within the industry. The task of overseeing the adoption of ChatGPT and establishing methods to encourage their usage is quite demanding.

The challenge of integrating ChatGPT
into the workplace

ChatGPT does not understand the
enterprises' problems 

It seems much better when ChatGPT can understand your business through data. But how do we integrate that?

Security Risk

To get the answer, users need to provide business information to chatgpt. How can chatGPT recognize sensitive information to refuse the request and not learn and store data of the provided information to avoid data leakage to the internet?

4 common problems when using ChatGPT


That's why dxGAI Business | Enterprise
was developed with 6 outstanding benefits

Avoid internal information leakage (dxGAI Business | Enterprise)

Provide a private server for businesses and filter all sensitive questions based on their settings

Internal database integration
in question templates
(dxGAI Business | Enterprise)

Integrate internal databases with many formats (PDF, CSV, doc, etc.) by allowing file uploads to dxGAI and Q&A around downloaded data. Therefore dxGAI can provide accurate answers based on your data.

1:1 consultation to create sample prompt (dxGAI Business | Enterprise)

Consulting and supporting companies to create exclusive in-depth prompts based on each specific issue

More than 100 sample prompts
(dxGAI Business | Enterprise)

Provide 100+ prompts in various languages. It helps departments and employees choose and use according to their needs, ensuring an accurate and consistent answer to a question.

API Intergration
(dxGAI Business | Enterprise)

Integrate API with companies' existing systems (Slack, Rocket, KakaoTalk, Notion, etc). Employees can ask directly and receive answers on the internal business platform instead of opening a new Q&A window.


Package the company's
internal database
(dxGAI Enterprise) 

dxGAI can convert internal customer data into a vector database, allowing the system to respond based on the built-in database. It ensures that pressing business problems can be solved accurately at scale.

Which one would you choose between
dxGAI business | enterprise 


Provide responses based on minor input data from users through more than 100 quality prompts, ensuring absolute security

For Large - Scale Enterprise

(Both dxGAI business and ChatGPT Plus 4
have not been able to do this)

dxGAI Enterprise

dxGAI Business

Besides dxGAI enterprise has dxGAI business features, the most noticeable feature is the ability to package internal data into a vector database. It can provide responses based on the business's internal database results in solving accurately the problem of the entire business on a large scale.





What you can do with
dxGAI Business | Enterprise

Register and create accounts for departments and employees

Quickly own an account with absolute security. Easy to create accounts for departments and employees in the company and manage data and Q&A history.

Filter and avoid sensitive information leakage

Receive warnings about updating questions related to sensitive data. Setting options identify sensitive data according to each company's requirements.

Create your own prompts 

Freely create prompts according to each specific problem and include them in the company's prompt library. Receive 1:1 consulting from experts to achieve the best prompts efficiency.

Account Authorization

Easy to assign and authorize to each department, role, etc. Personalize each account according to the appropriate scope

Obtain accurate responses immediately
on the initial attempt.

Input with over 100 quality sample prompts, ensuring quick responses.

Integrate internal data and Q&A around that data

Freely upload internal data in formats (pdf, doc, csv,...) so that dxGAI can better understand the question and give accurate answers. Users won't have to be concerned that dxGAI will learn that internal data, all due to the Microsoft Azure platform.

API Integration

Integrate API with customers' systems (Slack, Rocket, KakaoTalk, Notion, etc). It allows users to install and connect to apps as required.


dxGAI Business

dxGAI Enterprise

Which solution will you choose?

Process of installing and integrating
dxGAI into the Enterprise   

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